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Seventh Prism:
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The Seventh Prism Programs

Identity-Based Branding: Leadership Presence to Inspire, Engage, and Retain Talent - A One-day Workshop

In order to attract, retain, and motivate the workforce you are leading, you need to be able to convey concisely and convincingly what you stand for, why people should follow you, and what you can do for them.

Identity-Based Branding moves participants through the 4-I-Q process::

Phase 1: Identitywho you are;
Phase 2: Impact - how you make a difference;
Phase 3: Image - how you project your value;
Phase 4: Illustrations - how to tell your leadership story;
Phase 5: Qualifying - how to ensure your brand reflects your values.

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Identity-Based Branding ROI:

  • Increased trust levels
  • Improved leader communication and engagement
  • Enhanced leadership presence
  • Accelerated new leader assimilation
  • Increased appreciation of diversity and inclusion
  • Increased retention of high performers

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