A Framework for Achieving High Performance Through Work/Life Situations

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Seventh Prism:
What is it?

The Seventh Prism Programs

Keynote/Conference Address on The Seventh Prism

This one-hour presentation provides an overview of the Eight Principles of The Seventh Prism as well as an introduction to the Six Foundation Prisms including: Work, Relationships, Spirit, Wellness, Context, and Possessions and how these various elements of one’s life interact to create The Seventh Prism—a framework for achieving high performance through work/life integration.

The Eight Principles of The Seventh Prism

Principle #1
The Business Impact of Personal Integration is Greater Productivity

Principle #2
Integration not segmentation is the end in mind

Principle #3
True Perfection is embedded with flaws

Principle #4
Like a prism and the light that moves through it, each person is unique

Principle #5
Integration is not a goal, it is a process

Principle #6
Authenticity is the only path to transformation

Principle #7
The Integration Process is a combination of refraction and reflection

Principle #8
Intuition more than facts, creates transformation

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